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Delivery Information

SK Bangles Shipping Policy

We are the brand name known to provide top quality shipping to all our customers that includes complete inspection, fast & on-time delivery, top quality packaging, and appropriate communication at every stage of shipping of the products.

We understand the concern of our clients. We know that once the product is ordered by the customers, the only questions in their mind is when the product will reach their door step. At, we address that worry by promising you "No Anxiety Shipping". This means that once you have bought a product on our site, we take care of everything till it reaches your place, so that you don't have to be anxious about anything.

Each order we receive will be processed within 48 hours, and we will keep you informed about the status of the shipment. Our customer service executives are always there at your service to resolve your queries related to the shipment. If you have any doubts, just give us a call and we will help you unconditionally.

Our association is  with most of the top courier and logistics partners to assure that you receive your order on time and safely with full courtesy and attention.

Note: The time mentioned for actual delivery of the product is estimated. Actual delivery time may vary from the estimated time. The actual delivery time depends upon  the availability of the product at the merchant’s place, the place where the product is to be delivered, dependability of the courier services and other circumstances that might affect the time of the delivery. You can rest get assured that we safeguard your interests and protects it completely at We offer flexibility to our customers to cancel their order in case of delay. You just need to speak to our customer service department and we offer our support soon.



1.Cash on delivery is not available ,due to limited courier reach : Customers of these regions will have to opt. for bank transfer (in payment options) & have to deposit directly in our Bank Of Baroda bank Account or can pay us Via Debit / Credit Card. So we could handle the order quickly & easily.

We will notify you by email or direct call- If your area don't support delivery services. will deliver all orders with the maximum possible care to make sure that the order not only leaves our company in a good condition but reaches the recipient in same condition as well.

we always tries to deliver the order right into the hands of the recipient.

1. All the orders are delievered by renowned courier service providers

2.Click the link below and track your order-

4. Postage charges for Inter-national orders are 20$ for each wedding chura. (Postal prices may vary for more than one item- it depends on weight).

5.Your order is posted With-in a day, when your payment is received & ensured by the bank systems and we always tries to deliver your order in your hands- within 7 days of your purchase.

6. Delivery of certain items may not be possible under certain uncontrollable circumstances.

So you are requested to enquire about the size availability of your selected product.

7. Your queries, complaints, suggestions and feedback are always entertained.

8. The owners of the site retain the right to refuse any order unconditionally.

Payment Options for international customers- Apart from available payment options on - International users can transfer the certain amount in our bank account through NEFT (for any related query- please mail us-